I love the way a natural piece looks when set against metal, sterling silver in most of my work. To me, this juxtaposition represents the two constant worlds that humans find themselves going between, the industrial and the natural. This could perhaps even be true of our internal emotions—one’s origins of nature struggling against today’s modernizations.


My work is primarily inspired by the nature all around me, serving as a reminder of the kinship between the natural world and us. My eye is caught by the way things grow on each other in the woods—moss on the rocks, fungi on tree bark, holes in rocks—and the texture that these interactions create. At the end of a hike in the woods or even a stroll in the city, my pockets are laden with spotty pebbles, an iridescent insect wing, or a spiny seed pod. Through various fabrication processes, I draw shapes onto sterling silver sheet, then saw, file, and sand to refine them to their final state. In some cases, I pattern the silver sheet by rolling a natural leaf or texture of just a simple piece of paper to mimic a natural texture, through a rolling mill. Depending on the design, I sometimes use light hammer forging to complete my desired look.


I enjoy testing the boundaries of what natural objects could be worn. I feel that by including a natural object with silver, it showcases nature in a light in which it wouldn’t regularly be appreciated. It becomes a piece of wearable art.




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